Smart Choices, Healthy Living–an idea to grow on

This past year,  starting seriously  in February, I have been working on my Health. My goal was–and remains- one of feeling better rather than that of losing weight. I  am now actually in a healthy BMI range but my bloodwork said otherwise. I was tired ALOT, many times I was so tired that I could literally cry. My endurance at exercise was ok, just not great. My cholesterol and lipid panel were not horrible but far from the ideal.

So how to improve it? Really, it was the small SMARTer choices that are making a difference. I researched and read about better nutrition and being active. Are all my choices healthy ones? Not even close, but it is becoming a Lifestyle of Healthy Living that grows stronger all the time. I don’t adhere to anyone one ‘diet plan’ doctrines but choose the ones that make the most sense to our lives and health–I eat cleaner; more fresh foods and less frozen or processed ones. I try to choose the most nutrient dense foods to get more nutrition for my “calorie buck”.  I don’t use shakes or supplements but choose real food whenever possible.  I am trying new grains and seeds, different veges and fruits to keep from falling in a rut.

My older daughter became a Vegetarian in December which helped alot in providing motivation for needing to learn and research ways to make sure she was still being healthy. We discussed nutrition and recipes and found a good base of knowledge to start our journeys. I am finding that often times I can do with out the meat based proteins and actually enjoy many of the vegetarian recipes we choose. “Meat” has become a side dish on my plate, almost an afterthought. Most of the time.

I am trying to be more physically active–not just ‘classic exercise’ but just getting up and moving more–and it makes a difference in how I feel and look. Being active does not have to be an all or nothing choice–the body only sees you using energy, it does care how you do it. Becoming more toned and fit does depend on your choices but improving your health does not require a specific plan except to move more.

So why the blog? I guess because I think many people are like me: they would like to be more healthy and energetic but just don’t know where to start. As I research things I will share them so you can make your own informed choices. There is so much research that shows a group effort or shared energies can lead to dramatic changes.  I believe that. We are not alone in our desires for optimal Healthy Living.  Please join me and share your own experiences and victories, we can all gain from shared knowledge!

Best wishes for a Healthy Life~Janice