21 days later…

Sometimes things just happen. They just kind of all add up to the right time and place and suddenly you know. You resist it, but the urge remains. You debate it and then, you take a giant leap of courage and just jump in.

So what am I talking about? I became a Beachbody Coach. I’m still trying to get my head around it but I’ve joined one of the biggest fitness and nutrition companies and I am both scared to death and excited by the prospects of helping other people become more healthy.

I’ve always loved nutrition and fitness. I love the feel of being active and rarely say no to an invitation to exercise with someone. But the thing is my own eating and exercise habits are not always perfect. I think its human nature to fall into an eating rut and to let exercise become boring and mundane just by the fact that most people crave routine and resist change.

This is where my story gets interesting. Many of the ladies I work with were doing something called the “21 day fix” and seemed to be happy doing it. I looked into it, asked questions, did a lot research and realized it is a great program!

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

So what is the “21 Day fix”? This is what I found with my research– It is a program developed by Beachbody based on portions and HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training). There are color coded containers to help with portion control and eliminate the need to otherwise weigh, measure or count points. Following a formula based on your current weight you determine the calorie bracket you need to create a calorie deficit and you have a guideline of the number of each container to eat daily. The key thing is you are choosing foods closest to their natural form ie Clean Eating and avoid processed foods. Eating all the containers is very important– it will give you a 40-30-30 (carbs-protein-fat) balance that is optimal for good nutrition. Also, without enough calories you won’t lose weight since your body will see it as too much of a deficit and go into a lower metabolism burn to save calories thinking you are in a starvation situation.

Once you get the ball rolling it is actually very easy to think this way.  I’m not saying that it happens overnight but once your tastebuds are clean it is hard to imagine eating “junk” on a regular basis. The cool thing about this program– its a 21 day fix to fix bad habits. Becoming more trim and losing weight are the perks of learning to eat this way. On average people who follow the plan lose between 5-15 pounds in a 21 day period (as per the website). After 2 cycles I am now down 10 pounds and about 14 inches!


The workouts you ask? I’m not gonna lie–they are challenging but doable. There are always modification options to the moves but you are encouraged to keep moving any way you can for the 60 seconds. Oh, I forgot you may not be aware of what HIIT workouts are. A quick summary: for 60 seconds you perform one move, say a plank or a weighted move. You do this with correct form for 60 seconds, rest 15-20 seconds and do the next move for 60 seconds. You do this for 30 minutes and you are done! The workouts are Total Body, Upper body, Lower body, Pilates, Cardio, “Dirty 30” and Yoga. Some are with weights, some just a mat but all of them give you results. And honestly, muscles you didn’t know were there.

I absolutely fell in love with this program and the feeling of control I had over eating and being active. When my own coach suggested I become a coach myself I really had to think about it. I love helping other people live healthier lives but to do it “for real”? As a job?  I really resisted doing it because I really am not a salesperson (working real estate taught me that!).  I hate pressuring people to buy things. But then After a discussion at work I had a change of heart and mind: I believe in this product and the company. By not doing this I am possibly short changing other people of the chance to live healthier lives. Being a nurse I help people while they are in my care, but by becoming a coach I am  helping others live healthier lives even when I am not around.


And so there you have it….Janice Doty, Beachbody Coach.  Interested? Want to find out more? Check out my Beachbody website