I exercised …but I didn’t like it

There are just times you know you are not going to have a great work out but you talk yourself into it anyways…..yesterday was one of those days!

My daughter and her boyfriend wanted to go tot he gym after school and I said I would take them, even though I didn’t feel like going. Well it makes no sense to go to the gym and not do anything, right? SO I got dressed and hopped on the treadmill–the kicker? I left my ipod at home on the charger but I had the headphones …into the TV it was (I watched House). Not even 5 minutes into the walk my foot started to kill me–I have this issue with my ‘big toe joint’ on my left foot (it isn’t gout, or a fracture or anything we/I can figure out) and I toughed it out for 22 minutes and decided it was enough. I switched over to the recumbent bike for another 15 minutes (my daughter was done).

Am I glad I went? Yes. Would I do it again that way–I am really not sure. I do believe in pushing your body a bit but to exercise in pain? Yea I don’t think so– on those days I think I would stick to the bike and weights.

Thoughts? Do you exercise in pain or push yourself when you mentally are not in the mood for exercise?

What are your ‘talk yourself into it’  conversations like?


5 responses

  1. Janice –

    First of all kudos for making lemonade out of lemons by deciding to work out as long as you were at the gym. As far as pushing yourself on the treadmill with a sore toe, not such a good idea. I think in that situation it is best to bag the exercise that is causing you pain so that you don’t extend the injury . “Listen to your body” is great advice. If it hurts don’t make it worse. I agree with you on the recumbent and weights.


  2. If I have acute pain, where my body’s trying to tell me “hey, you have an injury — or are about to have one.” I definitely try to listen, and I find something else to do that will keep me to my workout schedule. However, since the body seems to hurt and ache more and more as we age, and I think we actually need to move more and more as we age, i will always push myself through pain that doesn’t feel injury inducing. I always feel better after a good workout pain and all. Great blog!

    • I do try to figure out what is a normal ‘ache and pain’ and go from there–muscle soreness is one thing but pain (to me) indicates something needs investigating.

      Have a great work out!

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