Chia Jam– the Smart Choice version

I love jam and preserves–love all the bits and pieces of fruit….but I really dislike how sweet it normally is and how the sweetness can overpower what it is served with. I may have found a solution to my dilemma!

I originally found the ‘recipe’ on one of the health/fitness pages on Facebook (I can’t remember which one) but then started experimenting with flavors and amounts.  I think the key to a great Chia jam is making sure what you are using has enough juice for the chia seeds to absorb and do their job.

I’ve tried plain blueberry, plain strawberry and a mix of berries. So far this one is the winner!

Triple Berry Vanilla Chia Jam

2 16 oz containers blueberries, rinsed and stems removed

1 16 oz contained strawberries, hulled and diced

1 8 oz container blackberries, rinsed

3-4 Tbs chia seeds

3-4 Tbs pure maple syrup

1 Tbs pure Vanilla extract.

Once you have all the berries cleaned you can put into a large pot, preferably nonstick, and heat on medium heat.









After about 5 minutes some of the blueberries should be releasing their juices, continue heating another minute or two and then remove from heat. I like to mashed some of the berries at this time but you can leave them in bigger pieces if desired.






At this point add in the chia seeds and return to low heat for another 5 minutes or until liquid is starting to absorb. Remove from heat and stir in the maple syrup and vanilla. Allow to cool in pot slightly.







The chia seeds absorb the liquid and appear like berry seeds. The mixture will be a medium thickness at this point.

                          Using a wide mouth canning funnel keeps the jars cleaner while allowing you to see what is going on.

Viola– a nice Jam without all the sweetness. I love it on English Muffins but it can go pretty much on anything.  I’m still experimenting with other flavors and combinations–looking forward to trying them out and sharing.  Oh–these last a long time in the fridge  and I have not tried actually canning them for storage but follow manufacturers advice for specific jars/bottles. (You can actually store in clean former jelly jars as well, no special jars needed!)


So what do YOU think?

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