Perfection is overrated!

Definitely something to realize–changing habits and making Smart Choices is NOT easy to do! Living a healthy Lifestyle is an ongoing process; the more we learn, the more we can adapt and change our thoughts on what to consider “normal”.  Thinking we can change-and maintain- a completely different way of living without any experience is just setting ourselves up for failure.

The way that I have found to be a good start is to make small changes.  If you can change and adapt something small, say using less sugar in your coffee or taking a short walk every day and adjust to that, then you can build on a series of minor successes. Try not to make too many changes at one time so it does not become overwhelming.  Make the changes things you can agree with and can see doing forever. Doing something you can’t maintain is not a smart choice, it sets you up for failure and then most people give up.  Living a healthy Lifestyle is one that fits into your life–you are not looking for a temporary fix like losing weight for a special event, but looking to change the way you normally do things. Will you fall back into old habits? More than likely, yes–but that is ok, its part of the learning process.  Just learn from your ‘mistakes’ and make a smarter choice next time.

Making good choices will eventually become a habit. Keep making them and the positive feedback will help propel you to the next level of living healthy. Something that made a difference for me–don’t just look at the scale for progress; weight loss is a side effect of living healthier. Think more about how you feel and your increased energy level and clothes fitting better. Are you breathing easier? Can you carry more grocery bags? Do you feel calmer and more relaxed? Studies show that when you focus on being healthier and not on weight loss you are more likely to continue with your good habits when you hit a plateau and don’t see the scale moving.

What Smart Choices have you made this week? For me, I am focusing on getting in more fluids and taking my vitamins more regularly (both Smart Choices and things I can maintain).

Best Wishes for your Healthy Life~ Janice

Disclaimer–the images on this page were found on Google Images but the top one appears to be from Inspire Me Thin.


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